Authors interested in submitting Continuing Education (CE) article to CRNA Today.
Honorarium will be granted


Currently we offer an opportunity for CRNAs, SRNAs with a CRNA as Co-Author, and other Allied Health Professionals to present their educational material in written format.  Topics are of the authors choosing but must be topics pertain directly to Nurse Anesthesia Practice and look to enhance or inform practicing CRNAs.

Material must be a topic the presenting author is considered an “expert in”, formally educated in, or researching the topic area: ie Capstone project or other school poject.  This includes authors who researched the topic as part of a DNP project.  DNP projects repurposed as CE material must “inform” or “enhance” a CRNAs practice.  Typically, by presenting new material that includes at least one part of the perioperative period (pre, intra, or postoperative).


Brief, 10-15 words, description of the manuscript.  We suggest using “Key Words” that best describe your work
Disclosure statements
Authors must disclose conflict interests, or financial incentives that would have influenced the writing our scientific evidence of this CE article.  Statements must be written on title page (below author name)
”Disclosures/Conflict of Interest Statement:” ie None, CEO of X, Financial Interest in X, etc
3 objectives written in AANA approved format.  Objectives must be specific, measurable, and attainable.  Starting each Learning Objective with a “concrete verb”: Explain, Define, Demonstrate, Differentiate, Illustrate, List, Compare.
Monographs (written material)
Each monograph must be between 6-8 pages single space typed (2,100 – 2700) words with tables/graphs inserted.  Must have references within the 5 years (current practice), Older references acceptable for historical perspective or if there is no recent research.
Style - AMA format, Active or Passive writing accepted
References Page
We require 20 Test Questions taken from the article.  Test questions should be based on the learning objectives and be found in the manuscript which is supported by current references.
*Multiple choice and True/False test questions are required.  “Fill in the blank” questions are NOT allowed
*Questions must be single answer (no A&B).  Answers can include “All of the choice” or “None of the choices”
*We recommend at minimum of 10-15 multiple choice test questions and the remaining being T/F
All material is subject to Peer Review, Editorial review and Copyeditor review.
Editor-in-Chief: Trey Early, CRNA | [email protected]
Publisher: Nicholas Crofut, CRNA | [email protected]

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