SOFA Membership
(The Society for Opioid Free Anesthesia)

FANA is pleased to announce a new member benefit for FANA members! FANA members now receive free membership to the Society of Opioid Free Anesthesia (SOFA), which is a $100 value! SOFA is a non-profit organization formed to research, promote & educate anesthesia professionals and the general public on opioid free pain management for patients.

Here are some of the benefits FANA members will now get through their SOFA membership:

  • Helps fund Opioid Free Anesthesia research and education
  • Grants access to a growing library of Opioid Free Anesthesia research, case studies, & block tutorials
  • Includes a member only web forum to discuss Opioid Free Anesthesia
  • Gives you $99 off a Twin Oaks Anesthesia Course

To start utilizing your new FANA/SOFA membership benefit please click on the link below and register.


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