The FANA PAC is our VOICE in Tallahassee and serves exclusively to protect CRNAs, our scope of practice, and our commitment to patient safety.

The FANA PAC is committed to advocating for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) in the Florida state legislature. CRNAs provide comprehensive anesthesia care to patients, before, during and after surgical and obstetrical procedures and are the primary anesthesia professionals in the rural and medically underserved areas. CRNAs practice in every setting in which anesthesia is administered – and protecting our practice setting is paramount..


CRNA practices are always in an imminent threat from AAs (Anesthesiologist Assistants) and CRNA scope of practice limitations. Did you know AAs have a national marketing campaign titled, “Meet Your Anesthetist”? There were bills presented to limit what CRNAs can describe themselves as, and past bills that would further limit CRNA scope in surgical centers. Your PAC contributions give Florida CRNAs a voice to stop them. The time is now to take the FANA PAC Challenge!!


We're asking every CRNA to invest $30.42/month and every RRNA to invest $3.04/month to reach FANA PAC’s Challenge goal of $200,000 in year 2024! Set up your recurring monthly payment NOW and help protect CRNA practice!


Help FANA reach our PAC Challenge goal!

To update or change an existing recurring payment, please email your request to [email protected]. If you have questions, contact FANA Headquarters by calling 407-774-7880.


FANA PAC Givers and Earners

Give to the FANA PAC and EARN back so much more!


  • Your commitment to your patients is only rivaled by your passion for your profession. You provide constant light and guidance to colleagues and new graduates. Bring your drive for service and excellence into your advocacy at the highest level in the FANA PAC. Be a Beacon for all to see.
  • $1000 or more annually
  • May be invested as $84/month or a single annual investment of at least $1000.

$1000 or more/year

  • You’ve learned to see “around corners” and to prepare for changing winds.
  • You recognize the threats facing our profession but that doesn’t deter you from harnessing opportunities on the horizon.
  • Your annual investment gives FANA a strong, clear voice at the Capitol.
  • $500-$999 annually
  • May be invested as $41.67/month or a single investment of at least $500.


  • Whether you are new grad or a seasoned CRNA, you know the key to achieving goals is not just to chart a path but to stay the course.
  • You understand that vigilance is priority in the OR and at the Capitol.
  • You embrace the concept that One Dollar a Day is an easy and effective way to protect the future of the CRNA profession in Florida.
  • $365-$499 annually
  • May be invested as 30.42/month or a single investment of at least $365.


  • You are a constant proponent of your patients and you understand that time and resources spent advocating for them can only enhance your practice.
  • You know that investing at every level helps to move the profession forward and to increase our voice at the Capitol.
  • $37-$364 annually
  • May be invested in monthly or annual increments.
  • FANA PROPELLORS will receive all recognitions included in the FUTURE OF FANA package as well as recognition at FANA conferences.


  • This level is just for RRNAs.
  • Your education is your priority but you see that bright light ahead as you move towards your entry into a profession with a strong history of advocacy.
  • You understand that you can’t afford NOT to protect your future.
  • $36.50 annually
  • May be invested as $3.04/month or a single investment of at least $36.50.
  • FUTURE OF FANA will receive the following recognitions:
    • A special e-badge to display on your email footer.
    • Acknowledgement in FANA meeting onsite programs as an investor.
    • Exclusive email updates for PAC investors.



Invest in FANA’s PAC today. Your contribution will help to ensure FANA’s continued success in Tallahassee – protecting CRNA practice and patient safety


Click here to participate in the PAC Challenge by giving a one time contribution.


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