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THANK YOU to our FANA Visionaries: Daniel Acevedo, Jeb Ainsworth, Michael Awai, Adam Boyd, Michael Conti, Jason Fernandes, Don Hirschman, Gerard Hogan, Lisa Iannuzzi, Amy Kirby, Wilfred Robin Lovelock, Edgardo Lugo, Lori Morris, Alexander Oliu, Lara Rhodes, Lori Tolson, Gabriel Vazquez-Lopez, Dina Velocci, Millicent Whaley

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The FANA PAC is our VOICE in Tallahassee and serves exclusively to protect CRNAs, our scope of practice, and our commitment to patient safety.

The FANA PAC is committed to advocating for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) in the Florida state legislature. CRNAs provide comprehensive anesthesia care to patients, before, during and after surgical and obstetrical procedures and are the primary anesthesia professionals in the rural and medically underserved areas. CRNAs practice in every setting in which anesthesia is administered - and protecting our practice setting is paramount..

CRNA practices are always in an imminent threat from AAs (Anesthesiologist Assistants) and CRNA scope of practice limitations. Did you known AAs have a national marketing campaign titled, “Meet Your Anesthetist”? There were bills presented to limit what CRNAs can describe themselves as, and past bills that would further limit CRNA scope in surgical centers. Your PAC contributions give Florida CRNAs a voice to stop them. The time is now to take the FANA PAC Challenge!!

FANA has had significant legislative successes:

  • 2020 Legislation:
    • Prohibited Acts by Healthcare Practitioners — HB 309/SB 500 — DIED
      These bills specified about three dozen titles, including “anesthesiologist,” that could only be used by doctors.  This would have prohibited Florida CRNAs from using the title “Nurse Anesthesiologist.”  FANA was the lead opponent to the bills and, as a result of our opposition, the bills died.  However, we fully expect similar legislation to be filed in 2021.

    • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses – HB 607 – PASSED
      Though we are disappointed that CRNAs were not included in the final version of HB 607, the legislation represents a major step forward for Florida APRNs. For the first time, some Florida APRNs will be able to practice without supervision and protocols and we believe this will open the door for future efforts to broaden the autonomous practice law to include CRNAs. HB 607 allows APRNs to practice primary care, including family, medicine, general pediatrics and general internal medicine, to be defined by the Board of Nursing. It also provides that a certified nurse midwife can engage in autonomous practice but must have a transfer agreement and a written referral agreement with a physician.
    • Non-Opioid Alternatives Glitch Bill – HB 743 — PASSED
      HB 743 excludes hospice and critical care settings from the provisions of last year’s Non-Opioid Alternatives law, as well as allowing a provider to discuss opioid alternatives with a patient’s representative.

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