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Facts about Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in Florida


There are over 6,400 CRNAs providing anesthesia in nearly all health care facilities in Florida. These CRNAs have either been educated in Florida’s nine accredited nurse anesthesia programs or graduated from an out of state program. They provide to the citizens of Florida one-on-one care to their patients before, during, and after procedures requiring anesthesia and/or analgesia by delivering quality services for surgical and obstetrical procedures combined with a personal concern for the health and welfare of the individual. Anesthesia outcome studies have demonstrated the quality of care provided by CRNAs to be superior.


The Florida Association Of Nurse Anesthesiology (FANA) was founded in 1936. FANA speaks on behalf of Florida CRNAs, of which more than 98% are members of FANA and the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA). FANA represents and promotes CRNAs in the areas of continuing education, liaison between CRNAs and the nursing and medical professions, hospitals, health care facilities and other professionals interested in anesthesia. FANA also actively represents its members in state governmental and regulatory issues.

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For additional information about Florida CRNAs, please call FANA Headquarters (407) 774-7880


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