Supervision of Anesthesiologist Assistants

Recently FANA has become aware that some confusion exists on the issue of supervision of Anesthesia Assistants (AAs). There have been no changes to the statutory language as noted below. If you encounter discrepancies in this regard, you may file a complaint to the Florida Dept. of Health.

Section 458.3475(1)(g), Fla. Statutes:

“Direct supervision” means the onsite, personal supervision by an anesthesiologist who is present in the office when the procedure is being performed in that office, or is present in the surgical or obstetrical suite when the procedure is being performed in that surgical or obstetrical suite and who is in all instances immediately available to provide assistance and direction to the anesthesiologist assistant while anesthesia services are being (g) performed.

A complaint may be filed against a licensed health care practitioner at the DOH website:

The phone number for the DOH complaint office is: 850/245-4339.


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