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Opinion: Black History Month reminds us to celebrate mentors, inspire next generation


Sabrina Nelson-Winters says mentoring can increase the number of Blacks/African Americans in health care.

When I was a young girl dreaming about my future, I was blessed to have inspiring role models all around me. My paternal grandmother, the late Mrs. Mary Alice Smith, was a nurse, and it brought her great joy to hear that I planned to pursue a career in nursing. My maternal grandmother, the late Mrs. Luvenia Henry, had the sweet nature of caring and helping others that I would learn is the heart of the nursing profession.

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More than 5,400 Nurse Anesthesiology Professionals Provide Critical Patient Care Throughout Florida

More than 5,400 Nurse Anesthesiology Professionals Provide 

Critical Patient Care Throughout Florida

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Florida Association of Nurse Anesthesiology Announces New President and Board of Directors for 2022-2023

Clearwater, Florida -- The Florida Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (FANA) has announced its 2022-2023 president and leadership team along with newly elected board members. The new members were sworn in at FANA’s Annual Meeting which was held in Clearwater, Florida.  FANA is Florida’s 86-year-old professional association representing the State’s more than 5,400 nurse anesthesiology professionals.

Michelle Canale, DNP, CRNA, APRN, FAANA who is also the director of the University of South Florida’s Nurse Anesthesiology Program will serve as president of the association.  Dr. Canale has served as a FANA board member for 4 years and has tirelessly advocated to modernize Florida laws regarding independent practice on behalf of FANA’s highly sought after Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.

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Barry University Launches the School of Nursing to address the Nation’s Nursing Shortage

Regional health care leaders have determined that the nursing shortage has reached an all-time high and it is placing a strain on the Florida healthcare infrastructure.  Barry University has responded by launching the Barry School of Nursing, formed from the foundation of the former College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Nursing Program, originally created in 1953. The establishment of the school, led by a new dean, will accelerate the development of novel approaches to preparing the nursing workforce of the future. It will also unlock potentials for students and faculty to meet the demand and supply of entry-level professional nurses; nurses engaged in advanced practice; and nurse scientists and educators. The school will be housed in the newly structured College of Health and Wellness along with the School of Social Work and all other health-related programs.

 Tony Umadhay, Ph.D., CRNA, APRN has been named Dean of the School of Nursing. Dr. Umadhay brings nearly thirty years of experience to the position, having served as a clinician, hospital manager, and educator. He has deep connections and strong affiliations with South Florida community health leaders and hospital organizations. He joined the Barry faculty in 2006 and recently served as associate dean of academic affairs. As associate dean, Dr. Umadhay expanded the use of simulation and online pedagogies in both undergraduate and graduate programs. He earned the rank of professor of anesthesiology and teaches across disciplines, bringing his expertise to a wide range of students.  Dr. Umadhay is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in his field as evidenced by grant awards, elections, and appointments by nursing professional groups, and achievement awards.

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Seven Florida CRNAs Join the 2022 Class of Fellows of the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology


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AANA Recognizes Two Florida CRNAs

Contact:Alia Faraj-Johnson 850.212.8317


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Modernizing our view of a nurse’s role

Please read this recent opinion in the Naples Daily News about modernizing the view of our role as nurses.


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Write For Our Independence

My fellow CRNAs,

As you may recall, last year during the 2019 Legislative Session, we had a disappointing end to our APRN Modernization Bill. However, after a spring of reflection, a summer of rejuvenation, and a fall of game planning, FANA entered the 2020 Florida Legislative Session with optimism and a renewed sense of energy and excitement!
Thanks to astute strategic decisions, amazing membership engagement, essential PAC investments, our partners' expertise and counsel, and immeasurable volunteer work, Florida APRNs—including more than 5,400 CRNAs—are on the cusp of the passage of a groundbreaking APRN Independent Practice bill.

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Government Community Relations Committee Update

FANA Bulletin:

Government Community Relations Committee Update
By: Mignon Nielsen, MSNA, CRNA, APRN
FANA Director and GRC Co-Chair

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